Knowledge is just a piece of information until it is properly tested or certified. Similar is the case with your education, you don’t earn a good degree without showcasing your skills.

If you are a student of computer science domain then the most crucial phase of your entire course is your final year project, because it act as a transition from a student to a professional.

Not only it’s the last hurdle of your student life but also the first solid foundation which makes your entry in the placement exams of all reputed IT companies and tech giants who judge and recruit you on the basis of your final year computer science project.

So how should I start with my final year project?

From where should I search for the project ideas?

How should I plan my project?

Which programming language should I use?

What is the latest project trend in the market?

How should I incorporate my skills in the project?

Should I make a game, an android app, an e-commerce website, an online forum, a software tool…..????

Whoa!!! So many questions must be flashing in your mind when you are thinking about your final year computer science project. Isn’t it?

It may sound intimidating but don’t get bogged down. We are here to help and guide you in selecting, understanding and implementing your project.

Your professors and teachers advise you to complete your project by yourself solely. But don’t you think that it might get you an upper edge and benefit if you consult with some experts of this field because after all, this project is going to decide not only your degree but also your professional life. Give it a thought!

So here you arrive! Congratulations ! You made a wise decision for choosing us as your mentor in completing your computer science final year project.

So let us give you a brief tour of who we are and how we can help and guide you throughout your final year project.

We are an elite group of Programming Professionals and technology consultants with years of experience and in-depth expertise in developing computer science projects, mentoring students in completing their final year projects and imparting programming concepts, project methodology, project documentation etc.

Feel free to contact us anytime and we can discuss all your project related queries and doubts, provide you one on one mentoring session regarding your final year computer science project, help you deciding your topic and programming language if you haven’t decided it yet, guide you in selecting the most appropriate IDE or code development platform and most importantly help you in implementing and completing your project.

Now you must be feeling relaxed! After all, we are here to share your burden and complete your project. Drop us an email and we will get back to you in the least possible turnaround time and discuss with you all the required information on your computer science project.


Let us give you some detailed information about the projects, languages, and platforms we deal in.

We make projects in various popular programming languages like:

Java, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python, ASP.NET, C#, Visual Basic, C++, Objective C etc.

We deal with the following development platforms:

  • Android Studio for android Applications
  • XCode (The official IDE for Swift by Apple) for IOS Applications.
  • AppCode (JetBrains’ IDE for both iOS and OS-X development).
  • Microsoft Visual Studio for windows applications.
  • Eclipse/NetBeans for Java based applications.
  • DevC++ for C++ applications.

And much more…


For your better understanding, let us give you a handy list of projects that we can develop for you:

  • Online Shopping System (like Amazon, eBay etc.)
  • Online Chatting Rooms and chatting websites (like Omegle, Stranger Meetup etc.)
  • E-Learning System (Like Udemy, Lynda etc.)
  • Online Anonymous feedback system (like
  • Social media websites (like Twitter, facebook, LinkedIn etc.)
  • Online Video Portal (Like YouTube)
  • Online Marriage record management system.
  • Online E-Voting management System.
  • Online Job Portals (like
  • Online classified buyer to consumer websites (like, etc.)
  • Sports Events Management Platform.
  • Online Auction system.
  • Trade management systems
  • Online Parking management systems using RFID
  • Projects based on Internet of things (IOT)
  • Online Quality assurance management system
  • University Management system
  • Online Pizza Ordering System
  • Expression Identification by Image Processing
  • Online Tour management system
  • Android Based Encrypted SMS System
  • E Authentication System Using QR Code & OTP.
  • Android Attendance management System
  • Android Employee Tracker application.
  • Online Matrimonial Project (like ProMatch which is LinkedIn based partner match app)
  • Online health consultation system
  • Online medicine information system (like
  • Online Grocery management websites (like BigBasket, Amazon pantry etc)
  • Online Food order management Websites and apps (like foodpanda)
  • Car pooling and taxi on demand android apps (like Uber, Ola etc)
  • Network monitoring Applications
  • Facial expression recognition android applications
  • Data mining based applications
  • Library management system.
  • Online Test conducting portals (like etc)

And the list continues……

If you wish to work on any of the above projects or if you have any topic or idea then just contact us and we will help you in developing your final year computer science project within your deadlines.

Now let us inform you that what all we shall provide you with our assistance for your computer project:

Help you in selecting your project wisely

This is the most crucial task as it will decide the outcome of your computer science final year project. The topic must be realistic and should aim to solve a scenario and it may be a website, a portal, a management system or an android application.

If you have a selected topic then we will help you in doing its feasibility study and scoping of the project. If you don’t already have it then we will plan a general discussion regarding the current market & software trends and your proficiency in a particular programming language depending on which we will finalize the best possible final year computer science project for you.


Help you in planning your project timeline so as to complete it much before the deadline.

The most important task is managing the time required in your project. Since you may be having classes along with the final year project so you need to manage both.

Though it is quite easy to say this, in reality, it’s a very tedious task. But don’t worry we are here for you. We will prepare a proper timeline of the project which will include all the phases in which your project will be developed like- requirement gathering and analysis, blueprint designing, Flowcharts and XML diagrams, Pseudo Code and Algorithm designing, Coding and testing your application or website.


Continuous one on mentoring with our experts regarding the progress of your project.

You will be getting periodic mentoring from our experts who will share with you all the technical details of the project especially the coding and execution part so that you are well aware of all the functionalities of your project and can clear your doubt regarding it. We also provide tutoring services so you can opt it if you want to gain control of a particular programming language like Java etc.


Expert tips on the best practices to utilize in your computer science project.

Our experts will share their years of wisdom that they have regarding the technologies that will be used in your computer science final year project. So that your project is developed as per the industry standards and free from plagiarism. They will discuss with you the best case and the worst case scenarios which you must know regarding your project. These tips will further help you in future tasks related to your computer science stream and projects that you will undertake after you complete your final year.


Provide Synopsis of your computer science project

We are well aware that you must be needing a synopsis to submit to your professors or guides in your college or university. But you need not worry about it.

We will prepare a well formatted and lucid synopsis of your project which will include the problem definition you are solving, the development platform you are using, a short algorithm of your project including the methodology that will be used in your project, flowchart of the important phases in which your project will be completed and finally be concluding with the scope of your project and it future use.


Provide detailed report of your project 

Towards the end of your final term or semester, you need to submit a detailed report to you professor or guides. This report is quite lengthy and at times it becomes a very hectic task to properly organize your report and mention all the details and snapshots of the result or outcome of your final year project.

But we are here !! We will manage everything related to your project including the report. Just provide us the format your institution wants and it’s our job to prepare your report accordingly.

We are well aware that report plays a key role in your project as the examiner goes through it before analyzing your project. It also has a separate marks distribution, so we will make sure that you report impresses the examiner and you get the best possible marks for your report.


Provide power point presentation of your project

You also need to present your project to the inspection panel whereby power point slides have to be prepared for showcasing your project details in an illustrative manner with all the related flowcharts, diagrams, bar graphs and execution snapshots of your application.

You need to have special power point skills to develop awesome attractive slides with all the necessary animations. And here comes the good news for you! We will provide you high-quality power point slides as well.

So almost all of your burden will be minimized and we will make sure that you achieve the best possible grades in your final year computer science project.


Prepare detailed documentation of your project

We will also provide in depth documentation of your project with all the terminologies and steps properly described so that you can just go through it and can easily understand the complete functioning of your project.

This will be a good source of viva preparation as we will cover all the important points in the documentation which may be asked by the panel in your viva-voce. So this way we will also ensure that you get the highest possible marks in your project viva as well!


Provide HLS (High-level Solution) of your project

We will be giving you the high-level solution document as well which you can provide to your professors, guides or examiner panel.

This document will describe the functionality of your final year computer science project in a lay man language which any person can read and understand the working and methodology that you used for implementing your project.

By this, it will be much easier for the project evaluator to understand your methodology and hence it will leave a good impression on him which will eventually get you best grades!


Provide AID (Application Interface Design) of your project.

The AID document will contain the description of all the modules that will be present in your project which will help you understand the importance of every coupled and cohesive module that your project consists of.

The working of all the modules will be described here with all the parameters, input set, and output set along with all the related flows of your application. This document will help you to design and implement your project from the scratch whenever you wish to do it on your own.


Provide Video recording on the current progress of your computer project.

To keep you updated with the progress of your project, we will be sending you short videos of the tasks that we covered so that you will be satisfied that your project is getting proper attention from us and is on track.

This will release all of your pressure so that you can concentrate on your subjects and also learn and practice about your project that we will be prepared exclusively for you!


So by now all your doubts and dilemma regarding your computer science final year project would have been cleared. Just get in touch with us and we will take the responsibility of delivering a high-quality awesome project fully loaded with supplementary documents like a synopsis, reports, presentation slides, documentation, high-level solution file, Application interface design document along with the videos which will show the update on your project.